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How To Create Blog Posts That Get Popular Quickly

If you want to engage more of your visitors into reading your blog, you should come up with a variety of interesting posts. This means you should choose a topic that can trigger response from your visitors or go for a particular style of post that’s popular amongst web users. Let’s find out what type of blog posts are popular enough to generate more comments from readers.

How to create posts that get popular amongst readers

You can write controversial posts which can stir the visitors’ opinions. Of course, you need to be well-informed and your writing style should be such that it hooks your visitors into reading your post. When you choose to write on a controversial topic, give some background information and share your opinion as well. Sharing your own opinion will actually trigger a response from your readers and help you to get more comments.

Once you get more comments on your controversial post, you can again come up with another post analysing the same topic from a different viewpoint. So, one controversial topic can be effective in bringing out various viewpoints to analyse the topic further and this leads to more posts, comments and conversations. Thus, you engage your visitors more and they link your posts from their blog/website, thus generating more traffic to your blog.

If you mention other experts’ or bloggers’ opinions on a controversial topic, make sure you link to their original write-ups or posts. When you do so, chances are that the other blogger may notice it and link back to some of your posts or get interested to know more about your blog. So, this way, you can attract other bloggers’ attention and make them visit your blog.

Another type of blog post that gets popular amongst readers is the list post or round-up post. List posts are easy to follow since they provide a list of ideas, issues and things to do. Every point covered in a list post is a summarized version of a particular idea, so you can’t exaggerate one point; just keep it short and straightforward.

Considering the way visitors scan through web pages, it can be said that list posts are effective in attracting the visitors’ attention. All points covered in a list post are highlighted well. So, your visitors know what they’ll find in it. They can easily find out the points they’re looking for and read through them. Of course, some will just scan through whereas others will read the entire post.

However, presenting too many ideas in a list post can be irritating for some visitors as they find it hard to grasp the content which becomes quite lengthy. So, if there are too many points to be discussed on a single post, just make sure you divide the topic into a series of 2-3 list posts.

Another type of blog post that can generate good response from readers is the motivational post. Let’s say that you’re a newbie in blogging and you want to earn a certain amount of money from your blog within a specific period of time. When you cover this goal in a blog post, it may inspire other bloggers to set their own goals. So, this is what a motivational post does to your readers. Such posts leave a long-lasting impression on your readers and they’ll keep you in mind, since your post actually motivated them to think about their goals.

Another type of post that’s popular with web users is the “How-to” posts. Everyone likes to know about things that can benefit them. “How-to” posts help readers to understand how to do a certain thing that will actually benefit them. For example, topics such as “How to make money blogging” or “How to get more traffic to your blog” are the ones new bloggers look for. Similarly, you need to come up with “How-to” posts in your area of blogging, so that you get good response from your readers.

Some of the most engaging blog posts are those that speak about the latest trends or news, be it in any field such as technology, gadgets, blogging or personal finance. When you try to create such posts, make sure that the topic is relevant to your area of blogging or else your readers may think that you have lost focus.

Whether you create a controversial post, a “How-to” article or a list post, it’ll certainly work in your favour if the post is timeless, that is, reading it even after a year will make sense. Also, you need to write on something that readers would like to know about and share with others. This is how you create the opportunity to have your post promoted indirectly by others. While you create a variety of posts, just make sure that they show your expertise so that people realize it and keep visiting your blog for more.

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