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How to enable WordPress Pagination

As the number of post in your Blog keeps increase you will need a WordPress Pagination solution that will not only improve usability but also help your visitor quickly browse to any page they want. WordPress pagination can be implemented in just a matter of few minutes.

By default WordPress does come with the basic pagination system in the form of the Previous and the Next links. However it makes it difficult and boring if you have too many posts on your blog. There are many different ways you can setup Pagination in WordPress the most common one is the page number with link directly to the particular page.

There are many WordPress plugins that get the Pagination system enabled on your blog or website. We have listed some of the best solutions.

1. WP-Paginate

This is a simple plugin with simple basic feature that provides better navigation on your WordPress website.

Download and Install WP-Paginate plugin

Plugin WP Paginate wordpressPlugin WP Paginate wordpress

2. Infinite Scroll

This plugin makes use of AJAX to add page functionality on your WordPress blog. When a user is scrolling the page and as soon as they reach the bottom of the page the next page is automatically retrieved and added. The effect is similar to what you see on Facebook.

Download and install Infinite Scroll plugin

3. WP-PageNavi-LightWord

This plugin add a simple light weight advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site.

Download and install WP-PageNavi-LightWord plugin

plugin WP PageNavi LightWordplugin WP PageNavi LightWord

Plugin WP PageNavi-LightWord 2Plugin WP PageNavi-LightWord 2

4. Ajax Pagination (Twitter Style)

If you have used Twitter and have seen how the more button, when clicked appends the second page, you can get the same functionality using AJAX with this plugin.

Download and Install Ajax Pagination (Twitter Style) plugin

Ajax Pagination Twitter-StyleAjax Pagination Twitter-Style

5. WP-PageNavi

This plugin adds more advanced navigation to your blog.

Download and install WP-PageNavi plugin

Plugin WP PageNaviPlugin WP PageNavi

Plugin WP PageNavi setup

6. SEO Pagebar 2 WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for paging option that is Search engine optimized (SEO) try out this plugin.  This plugin not only shows the page bar by also shows title and tags with category names that helps visitor know where they are. Search engines love this SEO page bar.

Download and install SEO Pagebar 2 WordPress Plugin

SEO Pagebar 2 WordPress PluginSEO Pagebar 2 WordPress Plugin

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