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How to Fix Apple iPad Wi-Fi Network Connection Problems

Many new Apple iPad users are experiencing iPad WiFi problems like poor wi-fi network connection, weak signal strength, fluctuating signal and variable wifi speeds. Here are some possible troubleshooting solutions that might get your iPad internet connection started.

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No WiFi Network

  • Locate WiFi networks in your area – Go to Settings > Wi-Fi screen. If there are no networks, then maybe there is no Wi-fi coverage there.
  • You maybe ouside range of  the Wi-Fi router or hotspot. Shift near the router. Get a clear line of sight.
  • Verify Wi-Fi router is turned on. Many times its too simple.
  • Verify Wi-Fi router is connected to the internet cable. Loose cables are common.
  • Private networks may not show up. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Other and enter the Wi-Fi network name, security, and password to connect.

iPad Not Connecting Wi-Fi Network, Internet not working

  • Locate the correct Wi-Fi network. Many times there are multiple Wi-Fi networks available and you need to choose thje right one for optimum internet speed and connectivity.
  • Coffee shops, airports, internet cafes etc. many times don’t offer free Wi-Fi networks. To run internet on such subscription wifi networks, you need to ask them for local wi-fi connectivity for a charge.
  • Configure network-specific settings – like IP address, DNS, and Search Domain settings. Maybe someone tampered with yoru iPad settings.
  • Use “Renew Lease” to acquire new IP address, DNS, and Search Domain information from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn off iPad – then restart. Things might automagically work.
  • Turn Wi-Fi router off and then on again. It might just need a reset.
  • Disable wireless encryption / security on the Wi-Fi router -  if it works this means there are encryption issues. Change the security protocol and try again.
  • Reset your network settings – Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Configure your Wi-Fi router to use a single WEP key.
  • If nothing works, turn off Wi-Fi and use the cellular data plan – that will at least work if you got a data plan.

Dropped / Fluctuating / Weak iPad Wi-Fi Signal

  • Move closer to the wi-fi router signal. Get clear line of sight.
  • Reduce active Bluetooth wireless devices near your ipad
  • Change channels on your wireless network to use 2.4 and 5GHz channels with the least interference.
  • Reduce interefence by mobile phones, cordless phones, metals, power lines, microwave ovens, wireless speakers, other wireless devices including AirPort and Bluetooth devices.
  • Remove iPad from cover, remove any attachments that might be intefering.

iPad not automatically connecting known Wi-Fi networks

  • Create separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band (for Wi-Fi routers that are dual-band capable). Add some characters to the current network name. Example:  Add a G to the 802.11b/g network name and an N to the 802.11n network name. (source)
  • In third-party Wi-Fi routers that are dual-band capable, ensure that both networks use the same security type (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc.)
  • Reset your network settings – Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will reset all network settings, including passwords, VPN, and APN settings.
  • Update Wi-Fi router for firmware or software updates.

That should get your iPad wi-fi started easily. Check it out. Share your tips.

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