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How To Make Visitors Read Your Best Content

If your blog gets good amount of traffic but you don’t find your visitors navigating around the various sections, create a sneeze page to let them explore some of the best content you’ve created so far.

sneeze page is one that directs your blog readers in different directions, thus encouraging them to read some of your old posts or those which are your favorites. By creating a sneeze page, you hook your blog traffic, especially the new visitors into reading your posts and finding out more about your blog

How to create sneeze pages

There are various ways to write sneeze pages, such as creating time related sneeze pages, themed sneeze page, etc. When you create a time-related sneeze page, you consider a time period – a week, month or even a year and then highlight some of your best posts during this period in a separate post or page. Of course, your sneeze page should not contain just links to your best posts. You should go beyond and write a few words on what these posts talk about.

Next, you need to look through your archives and find out posts having similar themes. I’m sure you’ll have many. So, what you can do is, compile the links to such posts and put them together in a single page. You can create several categories related to each theme and place the links under the respective category. This is known as themed sneeze page.

While you create a themed sneeze page, give suitable anchor texts to the links so that visitors click on them to reach the pages linked to. Now, each link placed under different categories or themes may lead your visitors to a single post/page having some content and links to posts having the sub themes (related to the main theme). This is how you make your readers dig deeper into your blog. A themed sneeze page is especially helpful for engaging new visitors to your blog. It gives them an idea regarding the quality of your blog and if they find it impressive, they may become your subscribers and regular readers.

Now, if you have old blog posts that have generated a lot of comments till date, you can compile the links in one single page/post and highlight them in your blog. Such a page is what we call ahot comment thread sneeze page. You need to highlight this sneeze page somewhere in your blog such that it attracts your readers’ attention. Or, you may create a single post covering the links to most popular posts that have generated a lot of comments in a particular week. You can continue doing this every week and find out whether it helps you to increase the time spent by visitors.

Another creative way to write sneeze pages is creating a series of posts and placing all their links in one single page. The sneeze page should have a summary of all the posts whose links have been placed here. It’ll make more sense to your readers and you can expect them to click on the links to read your content.

Whether you create a time related sneeze page or a theme related one, it’s important to promote the page within your blog as well as outside it. To promote such pages within your blog, create a section such as “Best posts” or “Popular posts” and highlight it in your blog sidebar with links to your sneeze pages. This can work very well with your readers. Instead of the sidebar, you can highlight this section in your top navigation menu. Sometimes, you can give links to sneeze pages from within any related post in your blog. Alternatively, you can give links to sneeze pages from the “Related Posts” section created manually at the end of your posts.

To promote a sneeze page outside your blog, you should make use of social networking websites where you talk about your blog and give links to sneeze pages. Read how social networking can be helpful to you.

With sneeze pages, you get your readers to easily access your posts, especially the ones that are old and have some great content. Also, you get to increase interlinking activity which helps your pages to come up higher in the search engine results. So, have you been writing sneeze pages? What kind of sneeze pages do you create? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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