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How To: Moving WordPress Within Your Website

There are times when you may wish to move your WordPress installation from one place on your server to another.   This often happens when there is a change in the URL of your WordPress install, such as with blog redesigns, moving to a directory, etc.

WordPress is actually very flexible, so it isn’t extremely difficult to do.  Here is the information you will need:

  1. If moving to a new directory, create your new directory.
  2. If moving to your root directory, make sure your root directory is ready for the new files (including the index.php file, the .htaccess file, etc.).
  3. Once your new home is ready, login to your dashboard and go to the Settings tab (under General).
  4. Update the WordPress Address field and Blog Address field to reflect the new location.
  5. Click Update Options. (Don’t view or open your blog until all steps have been completed)
  6. Move all WordPress core files to their new location.  This includes subdirectories!
  7. Update your Permalink Structure to show the new location (add new directory or remove previous directory).

That should about cover it.   If attempted, you’ll want to allow some extra time for following all the steps carefully, as it is somewhat of a delicate process.   If you run into any problems, consult the WordPress Codex, which has some troubleshooting, etc.

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