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How to replace Continue Reading text with an Image – Atahualpa Theme for wordpress

I am using Atahualpa theme on this blog and you must have seen on thehome page that instead of the default “Continue Reading” there is a “READ IT” button. So in this post I will tell you how to remove the default read more link if you are using excerpts on your multipost home page.

Where and what to change

Login to your wordpress website with administrator account. From Dashboard goto

Appearance > Atahualpa Theme Options > Configure Excerpts

Put the following code under “Custom read more. Don’t forget to replace the [PATH TO YOUR READ MORE IMAGE FILE] in the code with the path to your read more image file.

After making the changes, don’t forget to save it.

<a href="%permalink%">
<img id="readit" alt="Read More" src="[PATH TO YOUR READ MORE IMAGE FILE]">

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