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How to reset forgotten Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Administrator Password

Suppose you by chance happen to forget you administrator password then here is how you can reset it.

I have specifically written reset because resetting your windows password is lot more easier than recovering it. Windows password is stored in the registry in encrypted form so its always better to reset your password with a new one then trying to recover it because recovering a good password might take days, months or even years. This is a tutorial about how you will reset or change a Windows password. I have used a Free software “Offline NT Password and Registry editor”. You can download it form http://www.pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ . You need to download the CD Images for this software and then write it into a blank CD using a CD burning software. Steps to Reset the password.

Step 1: Change your BIOS to get your system to boot from CD/DVD drive

Step 2: Now boot using the CD that you just prepared (Note all default values are in bracket. You can press Enter to continue with default values)

Step 3: Select Partition Containing your windows installation


Step 4: Select the folder config folder which is by default under windows/system32/config unless you have changed the name of the windows installation folder

Step 5: Select Password reset [Sam system security] by pressing 1

Step 6: Select “Edit user data and passwords”

Step 7: Enter the User name for which you want to reset the password

Step 8: Select “Clear (blank) user password”. This will remove the password for the selected user

Step 9: When the following Screen appears press  “!” to quit

Step 10: When the following screen appears then press “Y” to confirm the changes made

Step 11: Finally remove the CD and reboot your system.

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