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How to Setup Feedburner MyBrand on Your Domain

Feedburner MyBrand is a Pro feature for showcasing your feedburner feed on your own domain name. Recently Feedbuner MyBrand became free and now bloggers can easily change the feedburner url to a more professsional url with your domain branding. Check out how I got this feature working on my Dreamhost web hosting in a few minutes.

I tried lots of tricks to set up Feedburner MyBrand on my Dreamhost Webhosting, but it was more complex than it seemed. However, after some trials, my Feedburner feed has a new quickonlinetips.com url and you can also easily set it up (without all the DNS experiments I went through!)

Feedburner Settings

Sign into FeedBurner, click the “My Account” link in the upper left-hand corner, and then click “MyBrand”. Now it is a simple one step process – Specify the domain name to use (e.g. I use feeds.quickonlinetips.com) and click Activate. All done here!

Dreamhost Settings

Dreamhost lets you edit your domain name DNS records easily (another reason why I like Dreamhost). In your web panel, go to Domains > Manage Domains. Select the domain name to use and click DNS beneath it. You can then perform custom changes to your DNS information.

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