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How to share large files and videos to your friends and family

Sometime or the other we all must have faced this problem of share a large file to our friends or to you family over the internet. We all normally prefer is to send it as an email attachment. But what if the file is so big it can’t even be send as an email attachment such as a large video file that you made of your recent holiday tour and you want to share it with your friends then what. This is how you can do..

1. Using a file hosting service

There are many file hosting services  available where you can upload a your file for free and share the download link to your friends. Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megashare, Wikifortio or Megaupload are to name a few of such file hosting services. They all provide at least upto 100mb file size for upload and more over you don’t even have to have register an account with them to upload. Though you and always create a free account. Most of them even have its own uploading software to make your task easy. You can even use Free Download Manager which has integrated uploading through which you can easily upload to Wikifortio.

2. Creating a Torrent file and sharing it directly from your system

BitTorrent is a P2P file share protocol. With this you can share any size of file directly from your system to any person in the world using internet. The disadvantage of using a torrent to share your file is that both the person sharing and the person downloading should be online simultaneously because the file is being shared directly from your system. Advantage is that it resumes download from where it stopped in case of break of connection. If many people are downloading at the same time then the download gets faster because whenever a person downloads a random piece of a large file, after downloading shares it back to other person downloading the same file but don’t have this random piece which he downloaded. In other words everyone shares what he downloads.

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