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How to start a Blog: The first Step

Blogging is a common term and many people blog, but quite a few of the lot have made it their profession and they make a hell lot of money from it. Before you jump into the blogging world there are three things you will need to succeed i.e dedication, uniqueness and knowledge.

Before you start find out what you are good at. You may be a good cook, You may be technically sound, you may be a health expert and so on. Just find out what you are good in, that way it will be easier for you to get going.

It is always better to concentrate on a single category rather than jump into every other thing. You can have a technology blog or a health blog or a fitness blog or a cooking blog. As I said it is for you to decide.

Now let’s talk about the 3 things you need to succeed.

This very important you need to keep writing articles as many as you can per day. If you are already working you can dedicate few hours per day for blogging and during that time post as many articles as you can. Don’t rush up things just do it as and when you can.

Your blog needs to be unique. Do not copy what others are doing, this method will never work. You have to post original articles. You have to be different. Remember the only difference between a blogger who earns nothing and the one who earns a six figure income is uniqueness. In simple words write post that other have never thought of. For example on a cooking blog you can come up with a new recipe.

It is but important that you know your subject very well because only then will you be able to write more articles and that which will make sense.

Once you are ready you will need a domain name and a web hosting account and the blogging software to turn your imagination into a reality. It will cost less than $60 per year for the domain name and a shared hosting plan.

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