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How to submit your blog to Technorati

What is Technorati all about? Well its a search engine to search blogosphere. Meaning it only indexes blogs and you can search various blogs for the information you are looking for. People all over the world are constantly writing articles and posting them to their blog. Technorati indexes these articles so that you can search what people have written on a particular topic. If you have just started a new blog then to drive traffic to your blog you must submit it to Technorati because millions of people use this search engine to search blogs everyday. Its the best alternative to Google for searching blogs. For more information about Technorati visit this page.

How to submit your blog

  • Create an account with Technorati
  • Login in to Technorati using your Username
  • Go to your profile page by clicking your Username next to the Sign out link on the top right hand corner


  • Scroll down to this section on your profile which says “Start a blog Claim”
  • Enter your blogs address and click Claim
  • On the next page fill the details of your blog and click “Proceed to next step”
  • You will be sent an email containing the a claim token which will look something like [ WDDTCXCGGT4M ]
  • Next step is write a post in your blog and paste this code into the body of your blog.
  • All done.

Within few days time your blog will be indexed by Technorati

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