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How To Write Link Bait Articles Effectively

If you’re looking for creative ways to attract incoming links to your blog or website, you may go forlink baiting techniques which I’ve already mentioned in a recent post. Writing link bait articles is one of the techniques to get your blog linked to by many. Link bait or link building articles are the types of content that others will want to link to. Here’s how you should work towards producing a link bait article.

Find out what your target readers are looking for

The very first thing you should do is to find out the type of audience for whom you’d like to write the article. You need to find out keywords or topics that are most sought after and find out which aspect of the topic isn’t yet covered on your blog.

To find out the most sought after topics, you can check Google Adwords Tool and Google Analytics report of what are the keywords with which maximum people are getting into your blog or site.

Once you’re aware of the keywords with which visitors land up on your site, you need to find out whether you have good content on those topics. If not, then you can work on such topics and write link building articles. It’ll serve two purposes: you’ll develop presentable content since link bait articles do need very good formatting and style to appeal and get linked to, and you’ll attract bloggers and webmasters to link to your content.

Maintain the originality of your article

Now, there may be plenty of articles on the web, which has covered the topic you’ve chosen. So, do a thorough research and brush up your knowledge so that you can make your article unique. Ask yourself several questions about the topic and include their answers in your article.

Try giving examples and calculations depending upon the topic you’re writing on. For instance, if you’re writing on finance, include simple calculations and mention the names of financial tools; give example of a financial situation using simple scenarios. That’s because general people look forward to these things so as to understand the subject better. Such things will give your article the touch of originality that will help to attract readers’ attention, and you’ll have more people linking to it.

Presentation means a lot to your readers

Apart from keeping the content original, you need to present it with style. This means that the content should be scannable. So, you should break it into small paragraphs arranged in a logical order.

Usually link bait articles are quite lengthy because you try to include good amount of information. So, you need to make your content visually appealing. This can be done by using subheads, HTML tags, list format and images as well. However, don’t use images unnecessarily. The purpose is not to distract visitors from reading the content but make them find it interesting so that they link to it eventually.

Let the article reflect your expertise

You need to write the link bait article such that it reflects your expertise on that subject. If you’re an expert on that subject, you won’t need too many words to express your ideas and your article will not be too lengthy also. Having said this, I’d like to add that there’s no length specified for a link bait article.

However, it is recommended that you make the article neither too short nor too long. While writing, if you’re including the ideas of another writer, don’t forget to give him/her the credit. Avoid plagiarism and give catchy headlines to your articles.

Give attention to the title of your content

The title to your link bait article should not be deceptive. What I mean is that your title may be great and it may induce readers to start reading your content. But if they don’t find the content good enough or the title and the content don’t match, readers won’t go through it further. They may even leave your blog or site without navigating around.

Once you write link bait articles, you’ll need to promote them across the web. You can link to such articles from other pages on your blog, where you get good amount of visitors. This will help to drive those readers into your link bait article.

There are a number of social media networks where you can promote your articles. You can post in forums and link to your article wherever allowed or include it in your profile signature. Unless you promote the article, you won’t have enough readers linking to it.

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