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Hype ThemeForest Premium WordPress Theme for Blogs, Magazines & Portfolios

Hype is the WordPress Theme for Blogs, Magazines & Portfolios!

Built with lot of time, effort and heart put into it. You can trust the guy behind it’s development is always pushing to be and do things better. This theme has tons of options:

  • Customize the layout of the Homepage.
  • Give the theme your own overall look and feel with tons of style options.
  • Setup a gallery or a portfolio and showcase all your images or videos.
  • Provide an Ajax Contact form for your site user to get in touch with you.
  • Use it for your own personal blog, or your companies online magazine.

You can expect this theme to be continually updated with the latest features and overall improvements. I support my products with updates as soon as possible. Check out what previous buyers have said when purchasing my products.

Overall, Hype is a fantastic theme that you won’t be disappointed with and I’m always open to listening to my buyers for improvements that they’d like made.






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