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What will happen if your E-commerce website has numerous products?! What will happen if your E-commerce website products need other ways to be classified rather than the main category that they pertain?!

The answer for the above questions is the new IceVmFilter module which can use VirtueMart Product Type Parameters to create filters for products. This solution is provided by Amazon and Ebay and it may dramatically increase usability for large VirtueMart based website as your users can easily find what they want.

The IceVmFilter is redistributed under the GPL license, so is free for use but note also that for all our Joomla Extensions we provide support from our Forums

Unique Features

* Filter Products by Product Type Values by adding/removing them.
* Select one or many Product Types to display their Parameters
* Operates in two modes, single for 1 parameter to hide and multiple for hiding more than 1 parameter
* Easy to use and to install.



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