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iLikeViral 1.0.4 & Popup Domination 2,0 Premium WordPress Plugin

Following are some of the features that you get when you purchase the i Like traffic generator plug in:

You choose if your visitors press a Like or Share button.

You control the web-page that the user “Likes” or “Shares” with his friends (for example main page or the page that he is visiting).

You control which pages use the plug in or if all use it.
You decide to give visitor a redirect to another (discount page) f he presses Like or Share buttons.

You decide if the countdown is visible (showing countdown until page becomes visible again).

You control the delay message that encourages users to press the Facebook “Like” or “Share” button to continue reading or wait the predefined time.

For example: “Please support this site by pressing the Facebook Like button.” MeanwhileMessage displays for 10 seconds, and seconds count down.

You control the delay of the message display, before user can continue reading on your site.

You decide how long it will be until the user is asked to press the button again, if already pressed once.

You decide how transparent (or not) the overlay is when the delay message is displayed.

You control the time until the delay message appears to the user. This can be immediately after arrival or after some pre-defined seconds.

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