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Import / Export Full WordPress.com Blog With Comments

If you decide to change blog platforms from or to WordPress.com, now can youimport or export your entire WordPress.com blog with all its comments. This is a new feature visible under the export and import options under “Manage” in your blog admin area on WordPress.com.

The WordPress.com blog says -

We hope you guys really like this feature, but go easy on it! It’s very resource intensive to dump all the content of a blog out, so only do an export if you really need it. We do on-site and off-site backups hourly and daily, so your data is already very safe against service failures.

The export is mainly useful for moving content between WordPress blogsthat you run, whether it’s moving from your self-hosted blog to the convienence of WordPress.com or the other direction. It includes posts, pages, comments, drafts, private posts, categories, and more.

It is a very welcome feature and will let you easily control your entire blog content and easily transfer content between your blogs. And they say it is expected to be built into the next downloadable release of WordPress 2.1!

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