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Increase traffic with Landing Sites

landing01 Increase traffic with Landing Sites

Landing sites are the immediate page you see after clicking in from a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Here’s a better definition of Landing Sites.

Landing sites are well known from the eCommerce world – ever experience you searched google for “cheap colgate toothpaste” and found an online reseller, and the site you landed on from google was exactly about colgate toothpaste? What if we grabbed the google search string from the visitor, and made the front page listing a mix of related posts to what he searched for and the newest posts?

Whenever you do a query in any major search engines and you happened to clicked-in to a site with landing sites, you will be greeted with:

  • Welcome messages
  • Which search engines you’ve come from
  • The keyword(s) you’ve searched
  • More content related to keyword(s) you’ve searched

Why is landing sites necessary?

Imagine if a Google surfer queried; got it your site and saw an informative landing site that provides he/she more related content, you might just got yourself a regular reader. Landing sites can also prolong the duration a reader stay at your site, thus leading to more impressions and hits. Who knows, it could help some ads CTR too.


Installing landing sites plugin for WordPress is easy, but you might end up spending some tedious time customizing it to perfectly suit your blog design.

Download landing sites plugin for WordPress (theundersigned.net) | Read installation

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