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Insert Chitika Eminimalls Inside WordPress Blog Posts

Chitika Eminimalls is a wonderful pay per click advertising program with unique interactive units that helps promote products by keyword or category and help you earn money quickly when users click links on them.

We all know ads have a higher click through rate when placed beside the primary content. Earlier you learnt how to insert Google Adsense inside blog posts. Now you can insert Chitika Eminimall units inside blog posts too in WordPress blogs using a WordPress plugin updated recently for WordPress 2.

eMiniMalls Plugin for Word Press v2.0 allows you to put a Chitika eMiniMall ads right into the body of the blog post. There is also a convenient button in the editor to customize keywords, colors etc. The plugin configuration is now done through the WordPress options tab (with no need to edit the files as required in earlier versions). This plugin is backward compatible with WordPress 1.5, meaning you can use it with WordPress 1.5 as well.

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