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IT Cinema 2 – June 2011 Joomla Template

One of the statements that our valuable members (friends we would say) make for our Premium joomla Templates is that they are simply beautiful.

Of course, after we thank them for their kind words, we add as well… they are not only beautiful but easy to use and to adapt and they will save you hours of work by switching your project to them.

The perfect example to illustrate the above, is our June 2011 Premium Template, the IT Cinema 2, which features an impressive designed layout and grapich elements, all of that in conjunction with 6 modified IceTheme extensions, plus FaceBoook and Twitter module ready. We have made sure that for your next projet you will have all the things ready at your hands, so all you have to do is use this template and finish the job.

Module Positions

This Joomla! template supports a wide variety of module positions which can be archived automatically by the system.The module positions are fully collapsible mean that if there are no modules published in particular position, this module position will disappear and the other modules with take this place.

Also you can have 3-Columns layout (content, left and right), 2-Columns layout (content plus left or right) or 1-Column layout (only the content). The width for the left and right columns can be set through the Template Manager in Joomla Administrator.


For the IT Cinema 2 template, we have upgraded the IceAccordion extension, which now features a sliding options in ajax mode, making this module powerful and dynamic. Also, we have worked with the IceShare plugin, and beside that it modified to perfectly suit the design of this template, it uses a new scroll effect and better buttons and interface.



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