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With the IceShare plugin you have the possibility to dramatically increase your social circle by letting your users submit your stories on their preferred social websites like FaceBook, Twitter, Yahoo, Digg etc.

The benefits of this plug-in are enormous as the traffic that is generated from the social websites can result not only higher but relevant, as well.

This plugin may float on the left or the right of the page making it easier to submit the news. Also this submission is done dynamically without page-load, giving comfort to your users as they don’t have to leave the current page.

The IceShare Plugin is redistributed under the GPL license, so is free for use but note also that for all our Joomla Extensions we provide support from our Forums

Unique Features

* Ability to position the plug-in (left/right)
* Ability to automatically scroll the plug-in or not
* Enable/Disable each social website and choose your preferred parameters for them
* Select the category articles in which the plug-in should appear
* Select the component page in which the plug-in should appear



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