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IT Musical – May 2011 Joomla Template

Keeping high standards is a measure of a great passion that we at IceTheme put each month to design our Premium Joomla Templates. We know, like you know, that imagination is the key when you have to create things and the spectacular IT Musical template with all it’s gorgeous shapes was bring to life from the invisible.Featuring an astonishing design with all the details at their place you will not be wrong crossing this template for your next project.

Taking advantage from the Easy to Use IceTheme Extensions which we have modified for this template, IceMegaMenu, IceTabs, IceCaption and two other GPL released modules (Twitter Feeds and Flash Mp3Player) you will have all the tools to customize your website (within minutes) exactly in the way your project or your client require.

Also, for this month inside the template package you will find an updated IceSpeed plugin, more powerful that ever, as now it has the capacity to compress and merge using advance technologies up to 700%. But, in case you are not satisfied yet with all this power you may enable the Lazy Load feature which will block the loading to the images under the fold and show then only when your visitor will scroll the page (recommended especially for the blog websites).

Module Positions

This Joomla! template supports a wide variety of module positions which can be archived automatically by the system.The module positions are fully collapsible mean that if there are no modules published in particular position, this module position will disappear and the other modules with take this place.

Also you can have 3-Columns layout (content, left and right), 2-Columns layout (content plus left or right) or 1-Column layout (only the content). The width for the left and right columns can be set through the Template Manager in Joomla Administrator.

This Template is Joomla 1.6 compatible only.

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