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IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional v.7.2.1a build 437 – x86/x64

IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional v.7.2.1a build 437 - x86/x64


IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional v.7.2.1a build 437 – x86/x64 | 175 MB

Fledermaus Professional is a powerful 3D data visualization system that uses the same core technologies as Fledermaus Standard, plus adds a sophisticated Area Based Editing module, cable and route planning, and real-time tracking of objects. Fledermaus Professional is used in a variety of applications such as swath bathymetry editing and quality control, marine construction, military applications, and coastal zone mapping.
Featuring the same intuitive data display as Fledermaus Standard, Fledermaus Professional is capable of visualizing large volumes of data of numerous types in a single 3D scene with the powerful ShiftScapeTM rendering engine. Data display can be controlled with the Bat, an intuitive 6 degree of freedom input device.

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* Contains all of the functionality of the Fledermaus Standard visualization package.
* Adds a powerful Area Based Editing module for processing data from a wide variety of multibeam, single beam, Lidar, or other data formats.
* Support for CUBE based statistical based processing with support for uncertainty surfaces, error modeling, and multiple hypothesis editing, QC, and analysis.
* Track the position of remotely operated vehicles, AUVs, or other vehicles and visualize the object in real-time in a 3D scene.
* Plan routes for pipelines or cables with the Routeplanner application.
* Perform sophisticated statistically analysis of multibeam surveys to ensure data quality control.

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