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JA K2 Filter and Search Module

We are proud to annouce JA K2 Filter and Search module to provide the search and filter feature for K2 Component based on extra fields parameters.

Such specific search or filter capability has been missing for long in K2. Developed for our JA portfolio template demo, it is now part of JA Extension Club.

It comprises of one module and two plugins. One of the plugin (JA k2 search – reindexing Plguin) re-indexes the extra-field data for the module to function, it needs to be done one time so as to cover the already present K2 articles. The second plugin (JA K2 Extrafield plguin) has the configuration for the module, we have made it so easy that even a newbie would not have any trouble making it work.

Wondering about the practical usage? Go on watch the Demo ( check green colored module name “Find Template” on right side), try the filter and search and you would know.


* Filter and Search K2 articles based on extra-field values.
* First and the only module to provide such advanced search feature.
* Multi (combo) parameters filtering.
* Configurable filter parameters (option to select specific parameter to display in the search).
* Multi display options for each filter parameter. Eg: you can choose to display a pricing range as min-max value or as a preset dropdown or even multiselct or radio select.
* Easy backend for configuration


ja_k2_filter_and_search.zip (30.50 KB)




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