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JB FAQ – free jQuery Joomla faq module

JB FAQ is a free Joomla FAQ module that gives you a simple way to display some of your most common articles on your website.

It takes your Joomla content and puts the articles into a clean module that allows you to select an article and expand to view the text. It helps to reduce the amount of space wasted, but also helps highlight the most common articles. It doesn’t have to be used for FAQ files, it could be used for any Joomla content!


* Create an FAQ with unlimited number of questions and answers from your Joomla content. You can control which section or category the FAQ comes from and how many items are rendered.
* Open all questions or close all questions button at the top and bottom.
* Open/Close all button appears at the bottom of the FAQ list if Open All button at the top is activated for easier navigation.
* Open/Close All buttons may bepublished or unpublished.
* Active/Inactive state for greater accessibility and functionality.
* Ability to add read more link which when clicked takes the user to the full content item.
* Order questions by created date, modified date, title descending, title ascending, most popular or primary ordering.



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