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JB Hoverbox

Hoverbox is a Joomla lightbox gallery module that pulls images from a directory to display on your pages, and has several effects built in.

It uses Mootools, which is built into Joomla so there is no need for extra scripts. It allows you to setup up to 18 images to be displayed with a ton of customization for each image. Hoverbox will give you ultimate flexibilty in setting up a Joomla image gallery with mootools.


Joomla 1.5.


* Different image for thumbnail and displayed image possible
* Mouse click triggers the lightbox display
* Assign images to a unique gallery to display the slimbox slideshow and navigation controls
* Up to 18 images per module
* Just set your image folder and enter your images to display
* Use the class suffix square_right or square_left to limit the output size of the image on hover
* Set the gallery width and height to clear space for the full image to be displayed when choosing the hover option
* Enter your image title and alt tags for greater accessibility, SEO and gallery function
* Ten preset styles in the css file



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