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JB Library Plugin – a free joomla jquery plugin

The JB Library plugin is a system utility we use in our Joomla templates to help ease the pain of javascript conflicts and the common occurrence of having multiple versions of a javascript library loaded into your Joomla site. The jQuery library plugin neatly loads the native version of mootools first and then it loads the latest version of jQuery from the Google api, but only when necessary. Many of our Joomla modules require this library, but you can use it on any Joomla site.


Why are we using this method for embedding jQuery?

By adding jQuery as a plugin we can add other jQuery plugins and scripts in our modules on the fly. That means that there is no need to add script references to the head of your template and it also means that scripts only get loaded if the module is present.


Since its a plugin, you can only see the effect by looking at our Strata template’s source code to see the inclusion of jQuery or take a peak under the hood of the Joomla bamboo site you are on and view its source.


Joomla 1.5

Most of our jQuery enabled modules require this plugin to be installed and published.


* Easily add jQuery to your site
* Allows you to use a copy of the jQuery library from your site, or to load it from Google
* Needed by many JB extensions
* Includes an option for Scroll to top button automatically created when the user scrolls down the page.
* Includes an option to use the jQuery Lazyload script for images.
* Includes a browser warning for users using the outdated ie6 browser.



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