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JD Fashion – Out of the box Fashion Theme for Drupal

JD Fashion is a theme for fashion-minded. Using the full advances of the JD T3 framework, it radically forms a fast and artistic overlay where feature-rich packages and styling presets find new combinations. Getting inspired from JD Fashion looks & feels to make your fashion shop an out-of-the-box destination.

JD Fashion 6.x Full Package (21.97 MB)

JD Fashion (5.75 MB) quickstart
JD Base Theme (441.7 KB) drupal_theme
JD Fashion theme (169.3 KB) drupal_theme
JD slideshow module (235.8 KB) drupal_module
JD tabs Module (24.2 KB) drupal_module
JD twitter module (20.3 KB) drupal_module
JD engine (75.9 KB) drupal_engine
JD Fashion source files (15.74 MB)






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