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JD Fashion – Out of the box Fashion Theme

JD Fashion is a theme for fashion-minded. Using the full advances of the JD T3 framework, it radically forms a fast and artistic overlay where feature-rich packages and styling presets find new combinations. Getting inspired from JD Fashion looks & feels to make your fashion shop an out-of-the-box destination.

JD Twitter
This module provides API integration with the Twitter microblogging service to drive traffic to your site, having tweets from your Twitter account and Friend list displayed neatly, including the tweet source, avatar, streamline limit, class suffix for individual styling…
JD Tabs
Allow to display content (blocks, nodes, static content or taxonomy) in a space efficient manner and navigate through one or more stacked panes of content without refreshing the page. The tab elements are highly configurable.
JD Slideshow
Allows you to easily display a folder of images, without having to worry about or understand the best way of resizing files for screen size or download filesize. Beautiful animation effects, with inline text-embeded description are inbuilt for easy configuration.



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