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JP Refresh – Simple Meets Graceful

The Refresh template comes with four themes to help you customize your user experience. Easily replace images and CSS styles to create your own personal web experience.

Schema is a great Joomla template for blogs, personal websites, and corporate businesses.

Module Postions

The Reserva Template Come with 12 Built in Module Positions

Easily assign modules to any page and get your website experience absolutely perfect. Also take advantage of our custom module chrome that allows you to enter up to six modules into the user1, user2, or user7 positions.



* Choose from left to right(ltr) and right to left (rtl)
* 4 Color Starter Themes
* Logo Customization Options
* Logo Source Artwork
* Layered PNG Artwork
* 14 Module Positions
* Custom Module Chrome
* 960 Grid
* 1-3 Column Layouts
* Collapsible Modules
* Left or Right Sidebars
* Unique Typography Styles
* Heading & Body Font Switch
* CSS3 Progressive Enhancements



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