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Kajabi This, Kajabi That – Is It Really Worth It?

I am getting an increased amount of emails regarding this new marketing platform called Kajabi. Hopefully this post will answer all the questions that I am receiving regarding the Kajabi platform.

The emails that I am receiving are of the following types:

  1. Offer to buy Kajabi through an affiliate link
  2. Question from users asking me if I am going to buy Kajabi
  3. Question from customers asking if they should invest in Kajabi

Am I Going to Buy Kajabi?

No! Why not?

  • Why should I invest in a new platform that requires me to pay month after month after month when I am already using the best CMS platform (WordPress) which cost me nothing? I can turn any WordPress site into a powerful marketing platform with the help of thousands of free and premium plugins and themes which doesn’t require me to pay every month.
  • Why am I going to invest in a hosted solution when I want to build up a brand and establish my own domain? When you use Kajabi the domain that you get will most likely look something like “www.john.kajabi.com” which is technically owned by Kajabi. I don’t like to spent time, effort and money decorating an apartment when I am only renting the apartment. This is the very reason why I like to use self hosted WordPress site so the domain (this is my asset) belongs to me.
  • I can virtually get any functionality that I want in WordPress by using plugins. If I don’t like a plugin then there are always alternative plugins to choose from. The WordPress community is huge and there is always help available. What happens when I don’t like a specific functionality of Kajabi?
  • I don’t do email marketing… I rely on natural search engine traffic to sell my products. Who is going to go to my super awesome Kajabi sales page? WordPress is the best publishing platform that I use to publish my content which gives me natural search engine traffic in the process.

Should You Buy Kajabi?

This advice is for people new to selling online (a lot of my customers fall into this category). If you are a veteran internet marketer then you already know what is best for you so you don’t need my advice.

I am sure Kajabi is a nice platform but If you are new to this then I think you have other problems to solve first before you spent time and money buying expensive solutions. Kajabi will probably come in handy for people with a big email list as they can just send an email to the list that will bring instant traffic to their funnel page.

Everyone has different needs so make up your mind based on your needs but if you are trying to sell online then in my honest opinion your time is better spent focusing on the following first:

  • Producing great content
  • Establishing your name/brand
  • Getting more traffic
  • Creating products that people want to buy
  • Learning a little bit of HTML and CSS (these will come in handy no matter what platform you use)
  • etc.

So what is your opinion? :)

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