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Keyword Winner – Premium WordPress SEO Plugin

Keyword Winner is a new premium SEO WordPress Plugin that is very simple but very powerful.

Keyword Winner – What Does It Do

Keyword Winner will help you find low competition long tail keyword phrases that you can use as your post titles by simply providing you with the most searched for keywords based on your initial input.

Keyword Winner will sort the results according to competition and search trend.

The bottom line is that Keyword Winner will help you get more free targeted traffic from the search engines by simply helping you choose the best long tail keyword phrases to use as your post titles.

Keyword Research

Research keywords for your blog posts easily, you can drill down for blog post headline suggestions for either short or long tail keywords in less than 1 minute right inside your blog dashboard. Up to 10 keyword suggestions will appear in a drop down menu along with color coded stats.

1st Page Ranking

Once you post you can achieve 1st page results in less than 3 hours just by simply targeting headlines with low competition, bearing in mind you will also get good click throughs from targeting high search trends according to the trends graph that will also appear in your dasboard.

Make Money

Once you achieve 1st page rankings for low competition pages and high search trends you can instantly start cashing in on your blog post pages.
You can easily target niche keywords, write reviews or promos on products or anything else you think will convert into a sale.
















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