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Kolakube Premium Thesis Skins [All in One Full Edition]

Marketers Delight

This is by far our most advanced skin to date. Perfectly optimized for affiliate marketing, building your email list, or even promoting a product, this is the skin all you marketers have been waiting for.

Promoting and building your newsletter has never been easier. With 3 built-in optin boxes featured in the header, content column and sidebar area, it is almost guaranteed your readers will notice your newsletter when they look at the beautifully designed optin forms we have included. All controllable from the admin panel.

Affiliate marketing is also tough to master. We have made things a little easier for you by including a new widget in the sidebar where you can add all of your favorite affiliate products. Add the link, a description and even an image if you want. To top it all off, you can include one affiliate banner in your header as well. All from your admin panel, no code.

We’ve also thrown in some other options, like the customized 3 column feature box towards the top of the page, a 3 column footer and even 4 different color schemes to choose from. This skin has it all.


This was our first skin to be integrated with the Kolakube Options Panel. Velocity is a very smooth, orange and gray skin with some amazing features built-in.

Velocity features a custom homepage template that is very easy to enable and manage. Without even touching code, you can stream the latest posts from your blog onto it, manage ad banners and write a quick bio about your site.

But one of the best features of this skin is the featured content slider. It is jQuery powered, and a custom widget has been developed to make using this slider code-free.

Did we mention Velocity is one of our best looking skins too?


Nexis is a beautiful, bold skin. It features massive headlines, our 3 column, widgetized footer and organizes your content very well.

The best part about Nexis is the navigation. Featuring support for Thesis’ built-in nav menu (as well as WordPress nav menus), and a secondary bar that displays the categories of your choosing.

Nexis has a bright future, and will be updated shortly with some fantastic options such as deeper navigation management, color chooser, ad management and plenty more options that will improve the way you display content on a Nexis-skinned blog.

Lights Out

Lights Out is a very simple, colorless skin. It comes built with simple post styles, easy to build around code and includes our signature 3 column footer.

This skin leaves plenty of room for further development, and adding some color to it is as easy as making a few CSS edits.

Lights Out has plenty of potential for you to develop around, and some new exciting features will be added to this skin by us (including the Kolakube Options Panel) in future releases.

Blogussion Skin

Based on the popular Blogussion.com skin, the Blogussion Inspired skin is built to mirror some of the best features of the original design.

Smooth, bold and with pre-styled headlines and other post formatting (improved from default Thesis formatting), the Blogussion Inspired skin displays your content beautifully and catches your readers eyes.

With built in admin options such as navigation management and a color chooser, the Blogussion Inspired skin takes a lot of coding out of your skinning process.




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