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Link Baiting – How To Make Others Link To Your Blog

Link baiting includes those methods that can help you generate links to your blog or website. The purpose of link baiting is to create something that can go viral across the web and get so popular that people will automatically link to your blog or site. Let’s find out what link baiting techniquesyou can apply.

Write link baiting articles in the form of list posts

You need to come up with some great content that can go viral and attract the attention of users across the web. Of course, you need to show your expertise in that subject when you create the article. What you write is indeed important. But how you write the article and present it is equally important.

Apart from writing great content, promoting it across various social media platforms is essential. This is because on doing so, you’ll give others the opportunity to spread the word about your article so that it leads to the viral effect you expect to see. While you write such articles, provide detailed information in list form and make them entertaining as well.

The reason for creating list posts is that they somehow get a lot of attention from users. Also, lists posts having numbers on the title like “11 Smart ways to earn money while blogging” or “10 Steps to promote your blog” attract visitors’ attention quickly compared to those not having titles without numbers. So, chances of getting links to these posts from other blogs/sites are higher.

Provide helpful tools

You can create a useful tool that bloggers and webmasters can use on their blog/site that links back to your own. Other than highlighting the tool on your blog or site, you can promote it in various blog communities and social media networks. Make sure the tool is an effective one and has something unique about it, so that people know that it’s somewhat different from the ones developed by other sites.

Focus on breaking news

If you’re the first one to break a news, you may find many others linking to your post apart from giving your blog the credit for being the source of the news. Similarly, if you’re the first one to write on a certain issue that can generate interest and create quite a lot of buzz, you’ll have many linking to your blog.

Quiz and contests

You can have quizzes, contests and surveys to highlight on your blog and design them such that they create interest amongst people and become popular enough to be linked by many. The more people come across your quiz and contests and go for them, the more time they spend on your site and the eager they may be to discuss about these with others. To make others go for your quiz and share it, try making it a bit personal. Also, offer prizes and highlight the names of the winners on your blog. It’ll make others willing to participate in the quiz/contests as well.

Offer freebies

Sometimes, offering freebies can creates a lot of buzz. Freebies include wallpapers, themes, icon sets and e-books on interesting subjects like making money online, blogging, working as a freelancer or topics that people generally look for. You can also offer layouts and templates for free. These freebies can increase your chances of getting links to your blog.

Interviews with experts

If you arrange for interviews with experts in your niche, create posts or podcasts out of these, you’ll have many linking to your blog. Adding interview podcasts are in fact quite helpful for your blog also. Know more…

So, these are some of the effective ways by which you can get links to your blog or site. Which of these link baiting techniques have been effective for your blog? Are there other techniques that you have found to be more useful?

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