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Livefyre WordPress Commenting System, Review

I wrote about wordpress commenting system (Disqus and IntenseDebate) several months earlier with the title “WordPress Commenting Systems, Get one for your Blog“. Here another commenting system that suites well for wordpress with many positives and ofcourse some negatives. This is partially free version that has good SEO optimized commenting system. Livefyre is all new commenting system available forwordpress, tumblr and typepad platforms. Soon it is expected to made available forcontent management systems like Joomla and Drupal as well.

Livefyre is still in Private Beta mode and has 4 important features. They are,

Turn your comment into live conversations:

Replace your static comment section with a live stream of comments,images, and video. Built on chat technology, Livefyre brings the mostengaging live conversations right to your content.

Drive Traffic to your content:

Users who are interested in topics you write about are notified when youpost new content. Your conversations are also listed in our real-time search,and are built for SEO.

Get Higher Quality Comments:

User reputation filters, one-click comment blocking, and on-page real-time moderation give you the highest quality comments. Even add multiple moderators for your site.

Build community around your content:

Game mechanics keep your readers engaged and eager to participate. Livefyre lets users connect with each other and create strong relationships around your content.

Looks compromising isnt it ? Ofcourse, livefyre will surely be a best one and can become an alternative for Disqus and Intense Debate due to its different approach in the bloggers view.

Alright, lets see some of its great features where wordpress bloggers can enjoy with their choice of template and color options.

  • Auto-import old comments from any comment system.
  • Customizable design, size,and CSS
  • Easy 2-step embed process on most site platforms
  • Comments are search engine optimized

The negative i mentioned is the speed that livefyre system works with the weblog. I tried this system with flowtown and felt not that much great. May be, the system is still in beta stage the livefyre team works hard to bring the reponse faster and better in near future once its announced as a stable release.

Livefyre Free and Premium Versions (livefyre blogger, livefyre publisher and livefyre white-label)

Next, the Paid version has it all. Yes, its not like intense debate or disqus. The livefyre is a paid version that needs you to pay to use all its features listed above.

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