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Maelstrom – February 2011 phpBB3 Style

Maelstrom, the February 2011 release, illustrates the elegance of merging a complex style infrastructure, with a dynamic, and flexible feature set.

The style features animated header background images, configurable to be cross-fading or scrolling, whether in the horizontal or vertical axises. This, in combination with the diverse number of module variations, create a perfectly designed sandbox to develop a beautiful forum.

Features and Screenshots

* Animated Background Images
* Scrolling Forum Modules
* 31 Module Variations – Over 250 Combinations
* 8 Preset Styles
* Fusion Menu
* Many Module Positions
* JS Form Styling
* RokNavMenu exporter support
* Integrated RokBB3 Administration module
* 3 Customizable layout options
* RTL Support
* FF3.5, Opera, Safari 4, IE7,8 Compatible
* Limited IE6 Support
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

NOTE: RokBB3 3.1.6+ is required for Maelstrom to work correctly. For more details on the RokBB3, please visit its Tutorials Page on the RocketTheme website..

Scrolling Modules

Maelstrom includes basic version of Scrolling Modules. The entire module contains two new components for displaying new and unanswered posts.


Maelstrom offers a wide array of layout configurations for displaying your content. Powered by our flasghip product – RokBB3 administration module, you have full control over your forum layout such as color variations. font settings, menu options and much more. Everything is fully configurable with just a few clicks.

Maelstrom PHPBB3 Full Package (10.32 MB)




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