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Make Your Blog Posts Interesting & Readable

Writing can be easy, but keeping your reader engaged requires more than just keying in words to create huge chunks of text. You need to make your articles attractive.

Blogging is very different from creative writing. A big part of blogging is about how you present your writing. Instead of giving you tiny details, I will give you a few points on how to make your blog posts attractive and interesting.

1. Write Short Sentences

Reading on the screen puts strain on your eyes and concentration span is short. Writing short and crisp sentences helps your reader grasp the meaning without having to make any effort.

2. Lots of Heading and Paragraphs

Small paragraphs are easy to read like eating small bites. Using lots of headings in your articles also divides it into smaller segments, making it less crowded and more readable. It also makes your article scannable. If someone is in a rush (most people are), she can go through the heading to have a quick idea about the article and read the segments that interest her. Only a small fraction of your readers will read the article word by word.

3. Use Lists and Bullet Points

Again, the idea is to make it easy and quick to read. Just give the most important information and leave the little details. If you need to talk about everything in detail, break your article in smaller ones.

4. Be an Interesting Guy

No one wants to be friends with a boring nerd. Be cheerful and lively in your writing. Show optimism, as suggested by Ernest Hemingway. Talk about your readers.

5. Be Friendly and Informal

Don’t write in a formal tone. You are more likely to win a reader if you treat him like a friend rather than a passenger at a railway ticket counter. Greet your readers warmly.

6. Use Images

A lot of bloggers fail to recognize the importance of using images. They will follow all the above tips, but won’t add any image. Use images to add colour and life to your blog posts. They also come handy when you are trying to explain something. However interesting, an article on the Taj Mahal will be incomplete without a picture.

Did I miss something really important? How do you make your blog posts interesting? Share your tips with us.

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