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Mia FLV Basic – YouJoomla Flash Player

Mia FLV Basic – YouJoomla Flash Player

Miaflv Basic for Joomla! 1.5 module is advanced flash video player that supports multiple file types. Pro version comes with no branding link to Miaflv.com , full advertising possibility, multiple player option 3 months updates and customer service support. Media support type FLV , F4V, MP4 , MP3 , MOV, Youtube

# Play media types :FLV , F4V, MP4 , MP3 , MOV,Youtube
# Run multiple player instances on same page
# Fast width and height adjustment in module settings
# Set default media volume value
# Set default buffer size value
# Set default video aspect ratio
# Set video to load on pageload
# Allow media smothing
# Change player wmoded opaque/transparent
# Add video preview image



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