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Monitor Feed Statistics in WordPress.com

At present you can easily monitor your feed statistics in any blogging platform if you use a professional feed management tool like Feedburner feeds. Now WordPress.com has introduced a new feature to monitor feed statistics.

Lorelle on WordPress points this out with some interesting usage statistics and charts. Why is this good for you?

The blog statistics tell you how many people are actually visiting one or more pages on your blog. It also tells you which posts are the most popular and where the people are coming from. There is also information on which search terms get people to your website. All helpful information used to keep you informed and guide you, if you care, in what topics people are mostly interested in, and what you should be blogging about.

This is a good addtion for additional feed traffic information, if you are still not using a feedburner feed.

Announcing this feature, WordPress.com says they have about 66 to 70 thousand subscribers to the various root feeds for all their blogs. After this test run, I guess this feed stats feature should be coming in the next version of the downloadable personal WordPress edition soon.

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