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my Video Poster – Premium WordPress Plugin

The Plugin can be set up to scan as many Youtube RSS feeds as you like, and post videos directly to your site.

The plugin works as a virtual person, posting the video articles just like you would manually; except it runs automatically with no need for you to do anything else than setting it up.

It will also create a thumbnail of the video, import Youtube commentaries which are run through the WordPress spam filter and much much more.
You can use myVideoPoster to:

  • Automatically create blog posts whenever you upload a video to Youtube!
  • Add valuable content to your niche blog!
  • Create self-running video sites gaining thousands of visitors!

myVideoPoster has a lot of features that sets it way ahead of the competition:

  • Post from as many RSS Feeds from Youtube as you want!
  • Uses comment moderation settings from your blog!
  • Set video height and width!
  • Check if embedding is allowed before posting! (optional)
  • Research niches directly from the plugin and get a list of potential RSS feeds!
  • Define the posting interval and amount of the videos!
  • Choose which category you want the videos posted in!
  • Repost the comments from Youtube on your own blog! (optional)
  • Can automatically create tags for the videos! (optional)
  • Automatically optimizes the titles for better SEO
    • Removes “stop words” known to be ignored by Google.
    • Removes duplicate words from urls and filenames of the thumbnails (powerful SEO optimization).
  • Downloads and saves the thumbnail images to your WordPress upload folder. (optional)
    • Uses the large thumbnail size, 320×240 pixels!
    • Renames the thumbnails for better SEO!
  • Post info to Custom Fields. You can automate and customize to almost any WordPress Theme!
  • Choose which user to post as!
  • Choose category to post in!

















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