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MyArcadeBlog Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin

Forget about manually posting games to your blog!

We are proud to present you a new dimension of WordPress Plugins. Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal using Mochi Media, HeyZap, Custom and IBPArcade games. There are over30.000available games on the Internet.

MyArcadeBlog Pro is not just a plugin. MyArcadeBlog Pro is a plugin SUITE! You will get 3 Premium Pluginsand one Premium WordPress Arcade Theme.

MyArcadeBlog Pro is an improved and enhanced version of the well-known plugin MyArcadeBlog

Once installed, you will find a control panel in your WordPress admin menu. There you have access to all important functions of MyArcadeBlog Pro. On “MyArcade” you will get an overview of all important settings and stats of your WordPress Arcade blog. With “Feed Mochi Games” you can automatically add new games fromMochi Media. The feeded games will be saved in your database and you can publish them when ever you want. “Add Games To Blog” will publish feeded games. That will create many new WordPress posts with only ONE CLICK! “Import Games” gives you the possibility to import custom flash games and IBPArcade games. On “Manage Games” you can publish and delete single games.











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