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MyResume ElegantThemes Premium WordPress Theme

Looking for a new job? Then MyResume is the perfect theme to promote yourself and create a professional and sophisticated online presence. MyResume is sleek, simple and easy to use, but also boasts some great features that will make handling your resume all the easier. Add new pages to your resume, create new tabs, connect with your peers using the social networking integration, and even add a custom portfolio at the click of a button.

MyResume Features

Five unique color schemes
MyResume comes with four different color variations. If the Wooden look isn’t your style, then try out the Stone, Subtle, Canvas or Modest variations.

Custom portfolio integration
MyResume has a great portfolio/gallery feature that allows you to add your best to your resume in a clean and unobtrusive fashion.

Automated thumbnail resizing
This theme utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail images is required per post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme.





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