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Official Digg Blog Switches to WordPress

Digg has finally managed to shift its official Digg blog on its subdomain. I always wondered why the Digg guys hosted their official blog on Blogspot, the free Google blogging platform Blogger.

Well the shiny new official Digg blog is now live. You can bid goodbye to theolder Digg blog hosted on Blogger. Now “this is where the Digg staff posts company updates, research, new features, and all kinds of other stuff in, on, around, and about Digg.”

They have enabled multiple bloggers. Now everyone working at Digg is an author and you�ll see posts in the future from the different members of the Digg team.

Well somethings never change, the comments are still closed. I guess they still want to keep it as an announcement blog. You know Diggers likes to discuss and comment a lot!

You will need to resubscribe the feed. Blogger does not allow you to redirect the feed. That is why it is a good idea to get a feedburner feed like mine as it lets you easily switch source feeds without the need to resubscribe. Get thenew feed.

WordPress provides a freedom to blog which I am sure Digg staff will enjoy like I did when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. If you want to switch, it is actually easy to import Blogger to WordPress. I enjoy my 6 months on WordPress.

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