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Paid Storage Upgrades at WordPress.com : Win 10GB Space

After WordPress.com allowed its bloggers to get paid upgrades for enhanced functionality, the list of upgrades went one step further with the ability to buy more storage space for your blog.

Now you can buy an extra 1GB, 5GB or 10GB of space to store more files for your blog for 20 credits, 50 credits and 90 credits respectively. Each credits cost $1 each and can be purchased via Paypal. Remember that these credit and product purchases are non-refundable.

The announcement is also running a small contest to make things interesting. Send in your ideas for filling 10GB of space and the most creative idea will win the 10GB of upload space. You must blog about your idea, link back to their post, and send a pingback. You might win the 10GB storage space. Think of an innovative idea, as the contest closes in 48 hours.

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