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Pat Miletich – Learn to Fight and Win (2002)

Pat Miletich - Learn to Fight and Win (2002)
Pat Miletich – Learn to Fight and Win (2002)
English | 286min | .WMV / WMV1 | 320õ240 | 30.00fps 632 Kbps | WMA2 64 Kbps 48.0khz | 1.52 GiB
Genre: eLearning
Pat Miletich, the “Croatian Sensation”, was the first UFC lightweight world champion. Miletich is a well rounded fighter who combines Brazilian Jiu-jitsu submissions with wrestling take downs and Muay Thai striking.

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This 6 volume set includes:
Vol 1: Stand up fighting – Training includes foot work, jabbin, 1-2 punching, muay thai footwork, jab swing angle, 1-2 hop angle, triple upper cuts, perre punches, roll with punches, hook, cross, head movement.

Vol 2: Make them pay for missing – Training includes kick sweep, parry jab, counter kicks with punches, counter kicks with kicks, counter punches with punches, 3 punch combos.

Vol 3: Muay Thai pad combinations techniques and drills – Intense training includes over 15 multiple combination drills beginning with the 2-LL combo to the triple 6s-3.

Vol 4: Submission escapes – Training includes armbar escapes from top and bottom, key lock escapes, lock arms around body, key lock on side, guillotine escapes, standing on ground in guard, trapped in the well, rear choke, knee bar escapes, angle lock, heel hook, and triangle escape.

Vol 5: Gaining positions on the ground – Passing the guard, passing butterfly guard, half guard passes, achieving the mount, getting opponents backs.

Vol 6: Fight clinic – Fight clips, commentary, interview, and training tips. Includes Miletich’s five key skills and techniques that will help you fight like a champion. Stand up fighting, make them pay for missing, Muay Thai combinations, submission escapes, and gaining position on the ground.

Pat Miletich - Learn to Fight and Win (2002)

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