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PC Format Magazine July 2011

Would you like to play a game? You’ll need a bit of imagination for this, but that’s it. Forget about the world’s growing overdraft for a second, and focus instead on what sort of rig you could build if money wasn’t an issue. What would you put in it? A super-fast processor? Check. Oodles of RAM: of course. A massive SSD – hey why not. You’ll want an absolute behemoth of a graphics card in there as well.

Don’t stop there, though. Why not have two of them? That’s what we’ve done this month. We’ve grabbed pairs of the latest DX11 graphics cards around, including the fastest dual-GPU cards from AMD and NVIDIA, and pushed them up against each other to see just how well they play together. At the high-end we’re talking about a graphics subsystem made up of four GPUs, humming away with access to more memory than a whole gaming rig would have housed not so long ago.

The question is, why would you want to throw so much silicon into a machine? Are you going to be able to make use of all that power? You might if you try your hand at a little 3D gaming, or push the pixels out to huge, multi-monitor outputs. If you want the very best display, you’re going to need serious power in order to drive it. And that’s where this month’s PC Format comes in – we show you what the latest cards are capable of when it comes to high-end screens, when everything has been ramped to the very highest settings.

This issue we’ve also got a exclusive review of Witcher 2: Assassins of of Kings. It’s a resolutely PC game that looks simply stunning and makes the most of the best gaming rigs. At the other end of the spectrum we also show you how to get your old games working perfectly in Windows 7. Plus of course we’ve got the latest reviews of the finest hardware around, and you’ve got all the elements of a great magazine. Do yourself a favour, and pick up a copy today.



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