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Remove Errors From Your Blog Posts Using WordPress Plugin

If you have been working in the traditional or online media, including blogs, you must be aware of the importance of error-free articles. If your article or blog has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, it can severely damage your credibility as a reliable source of information. It is common sense that if I cannot trust you for your spellings and grammar, I will suspect your facts as well.

Newspapers and magazines have a battery of editors to eliminate errors from articles. What do you do to ensure that your blog posts have no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? One way of reducing errors is to write the articles in word-processing application and running a spelling and grammar check.

However, a large number of bloggers prefer writing blog posts online in the blog’s post composition page. It is more convenient as you can add links and format your article simultaneously. You get to see spelling mistakes highlighted by the web browser, but there is no checking for grammar rules.

After the Deadline is a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, style and grammar in your blog posts. It works in both the HTML and Visual Editor of WordPress. You will be able to eliminate a lot of silly mistake that creep in while you type a blog post. This plugin is a WordPress company venture. It is a must for those who are working as a professional blogger or aspire to be one someday.

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