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Restore Full Feeds in WordPress 2.1 : Fix “more” Tags

I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.1 from my earlier WordPress 2.0.7 and the first thing I noticed my feeds had become partial feeds. I realised it is not a bug, but a new feature in WordPress 2.1 that cuts the post when it encounters a <!�more�> tag in your post.

Since I use expandable post summaries in WordPress, using the Evermore wordpress plugin, all my posts have the <!�more�> tag included in them by default. So my whole feed becomes partial feed by the default configuration.

I understand this has been done to give more control to wordpress publishers who want to add the <!�more�> tag to reduce the length of long posts. So if they add this tag in a few posts, only those posts get partial text, while the rest still stay full text. In my case, all posts have the more tag and my full text feed switched to partial feeds.

CaveMonkey50 has created a wordpress plugin called Full Text Feed that prevents WordPress 2.1+ from adding a ‘more’ link to your website feed. So if you are still perplexed about how to switch your feed back to full feed, get this plugin and enjoy.

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