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RokDownloads – Downloads so easy, a Caveman could do it

Downloads so easy, a Caveman could do it RokDownloads is a file download manager.

It provides management of files and folders for you to present downloads to your site visitors. It is a native Joomla! 1.5 component that does not hack the Joomla! code base and tracks its own separate tables. It works in both Windows and Unix environments and will recognize files and folders places on the file system via FTP or other method. It allows for a simple interface to manage your files and folders, publish them, and make them available to your users.

There will be two version of RokDownloads. A Free publicly available version, and a Pro version with expanded features and customizations.

Free Version Features

* File uploading via web interface
* Syncing with file system.
* Article style descriptions for both files and folders.
* Introduction and full text descriptions.
* Tree view representation of folders
* Ordering for presentation.
* Customizable thumbnail images.
* Integrated Joomla! access control
* Customizable parameters for files.
* Download count tracking.
* Folder and file view layouts for presentation.
* Hot, new, and updated file tracking.
* Customizable front end presentation.
* Ajax based administration control
* and more….

Upcoming Pro Version Features

The Pro version is in development right now and has not been released. The Pro version will have all the Free features plus much more. Those features may include but are not limited to:

* True download statistics gathering
* Bandwidth usage limiting
* Click through pages such as License or Terms & Conditions
* Password protected files
* Drag and Drop ordering and moving
* Recursive directory uploading
* Scheduled publish and unpublish
* Customizable front end layout look and feel.
* plus much more…



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