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RokNewsFlash – News Items in a Flash

RokNewsFlash is module to display brief snippets of an article.

The extension is perfect for Headlines as it can cycle through your chosen articles, displaying the content item title or a preview of the content itself. The items are cycled through automatically by the module’s javascript. There are two control buttons which all you to navigate the previous and next articles manually, and the automatic cycling will continue from that point on.

The essential elements of RokNewsFlash can be easily configured in its settings. There are options that cover all the required aspects that you would wish to change, from content to transition.

UPDATE: RokNewsFlash has been updated to be compatible with the K2 extension.

K2 is a content construction component which allows you to create custom content types in your Joomla Site. The component drastically expands the power and functionality of Joomla content. Download from K2.JoomlaWorks.gr

List of Features

* Mootools Powered: Transition through snippets of news items
* Standalone: Fully standalone allows for simple deployment
* Control: Many options to control the various aspects of the module from content control to layout parameters
* K2 Support: Fully compatible with the powerful content constructive component K2.



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