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S5 Horizontal Accordion

The S5 Horizontal Accordion module contains up to 10 module positions that appear in a horizontal slide function so you can publish any of your favorite modules or custom html modules to one of the slides and keep your site clean and consolidated while giving it some eye candy.

This module is running off of the jQuery Javascript library in a no conflictions mode so you should not receive any problems with other third party extensions you may be running on your site.

The following is a quick list of features that are included with the module:

* Set the height and width of the module
* Vertical text for slide titles (not images)
* Give each active slide a unique look
* Onclick or Onmouseover trigger methods
* Auto cycle or manual for transition
* Set slide transition speed
* Set the default slide to be open
* Set your own border colors and sizes around the module
* Compatible with IE7+, Firefox, Opera 10.5+, Safari, Chrome

s5_horizontal_accordion.zip (482.85 KB)







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